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Time Fibre Broadband, The Family’s Choice

Time Family

Time Fibre Broadband is the family’s choice. This is because of its better internet coverage that not only benefits working adults but also students too. Time Fibre Broadband has become customer’s first choice especially since lockdowns were imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused many to complete their work or education from home. However, there are still some people that do not understand the advantages of subscribing to Time Fibre Broadband plans. This is due to the lack of knowledge on it since it only offers internet services to those living at high-rise buildings despite the fact that Time service providers have been existing in Malaysia for over 20 years. To make it understandable for you, we have stated  4 reasons on why Time Fibre Broadband is the family’s choice and why you should subscribe to Time Broadband Malaysia.  


Time is known for its reliable and efficient speed. Users can enjoy a lag-free high-speed internet through Time 500Mbps. For example, a family of 4 will have no trouble completing their work or watching their favourite shows at the same time with Time fibre broadband. This is because of the 100% usage of fibre optic in Time installation, which allows the internet coverage to be more efficient, unlike other broadband services. If you would like to enjoy your favourite Netflix shows without buffering while your mom is on a video conference meeting, Time Fibre Broadband is your choice. During the lockdown period, a lot of Malaysians ran into internet problems because more people were at home that was using the internet at the same time, which had caused lagging issues. To avoid an issue like this arising again, subscribing to Time Fibre Broadband is the best plan. This is because, with its higher speed of the internet, it would not cause any issues for people at home even though they were using it at the same time. This is because of the way the Time internet is installed at home where the contractor would set up the connection to a space that allows maximum coverage of the internet. 


Price Time Malaysia

For a cheaper price, Time customers can enjoy 2x faster speed of internet at home. This makes Time Fibre Broadband the first choice for many existing and new Time customers. This is because, for a low price, they can enjoy up to 500Mbps of the internet with no issues. This is a very good broadband option for parents working from home and students going for online classes from home because you can get better coverage of the internet for an affordable price.

Voice Line Plan

Time Malaysia

If you are looking for a voice line plan that can easily be billed together with your internet plan, you can always subscribe to Time Home Fibre Malaysia Broadband plans. They have the option that allows you to get a voice line too that you can fix at home in case you have an elderly person or children with no personal mobile phones that you have to leave at home alone while you are working. This plan helps you to keep track of their safety and health because you can contact them at home or they can use the voice line to contact you in case of any emergency that requires your attention.

Easy To Use Website


In case you were to change either your existing internet plan or voice line, you can go to Time’s self-care website to make these changes easily. Instructions will be provided on the website if you would like to configure your voice line. If you would like to upgrade to a better plan, you do not need to contact Time’s customer service for it, you can do it on the website which is less time consuming since the system is more systematic and easy to navigate. 

These are the 4 reasons why Time Fibre Broadband is the family’s choice. As of now, Time internet is only installed at high-rise buildings because of approval issues. But in the due course, they have plans to expand their services to landed properties too. This will enable those that are living in landed property to enjoy the benefits of good internet coverage by Time Fibre Broadband too which makes it easy for their work and education.

Using Unifi Internet To Improve Our Academic Life

unifi and students

There is no way to have a successful academic life without proper access to a good cell phone plan and the internet. Having access to the internet is to have access to quality education that will solidify our visions for the future. It will improve the quality of education by opening more than one to two different doorways to educational resources and academic opportunities. This is not only a concern for students who are looking to improve the overall academic results but also for the teachers. Both teachers and students need access to a good internet plan that will cover their educational wealth and knowledge beyond the four walls of the classroom. Given the wakening of the covid 19 pandemics, there no longer are four-walled classrooms either. It is only the safety and connection of the internet that makes us a virtual walk-in for our education.


Speaking of good internet plans, what does a good internet plan for students consists of? They should have unlimited data, affordable monthly or yearly charges, the ability to support a number of devices, and wider coverage options. 

This is where the Unifi internet has stepped up and become a key resource for millions of students in Malaysia. Unifi internet has one of the most affordable data plans available to Malaysians.TM Unifi coverage also holds the most competency and variety among all internet providers. Their affordability and wide coverage in normal prepaid and postpaid internet plans did not stop them from creating even better and quality options for students. In 2020, amidst the beginning of the pandemic, TM rolled out their Unifi broadband package that is tailored to the needs of the students, priced at RM 59. The post-paid plan requires no upfront payment, no billable charges, and bill shocks, unlimited data and SMS, nationwide coverage, and more importantly, they have it delivered to you! 

Internet used to be a luxury for those residing outside of the hectic city life and at best, fast internet is always a privilege. However, Unifi internet has made its goal to recognize the internet as a human right that should be available for everyone in the country. This is not only crucial to support the lifelong journey of learning and education but also to gap the gender inequality in educational pursuits. 

So how can students productively and effectively make the best out of Unifi internet to improve their own educational journey? The internet opens up so many opportunities, educational, resources, and skill cultivation. Let’s take a look at how students can improve their educational outcomes with the digital world! 

Taking Advantage Of Free Online Courses 

study with Unifi Internet


Perhaps one of the best things about modern-day internet capabilities is our unlimited access to educational websites and online courses. Today there are over millions of courses available for us and a handful of them are free or discounted for students. Student perks are endless on the internet and this is not limited to the resources available through online classes. If you are looking to improve your digital skills and literacy using the unlimited data capacities of the Unifi internet, consider taking on free google online courses from the google digital garage. They have classes on digital marketing, advertisements, and even customer service. 

Podcasts And TedTalks

podcasts for students

Podcasts are available on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Apple Itunes, SoundCloud, and even online websites. However, without proper internet, it may be difficult to access podcasts that are a valuable partner to our studies. With unifi, it is possible to access educational content and deepen our knowledge and skills with the help of podcasts. Notable speakers spend their time having honest conversations while multiple experts provide you extensive research and information in lengthy episodes. The same goes for educational documentaries and TedTalks. These are all inspirational educational sources that help us beyond the virtual classrooms as well as physical classrooms. Many who lack a mentor in their life can look up to notable TedTalk speakers and other podcasters who dedicate their lives to providing an enthusiastic educational journey. 

Having the added benefit of unlimited internet and a good smartphone device is that we can use the power of the pair to even learn a new language. Being bilingual and trilingual is considered a desirable trait on our resumes and it is sought out by many who give out scholarship opportunities for higher education. If you want to freshen up on your French skills or Mandarin skills, now is the perfect time to use the unifi internet to watch documentaries in other languages, listen to podcasters from different countries, and connect with them possibly, on social media. 

Social Media For Education 


Speaking of social media, who said it was only for entertainment purposes? In today’s world of education, it is impossible to do without the power of social media. Students can use platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to spark conversation, engage in insightful wondering, following educators, scientists, mentors, businesswomen, and men. Social media has also made it possible for us to connect with notable speakers and mentors who are ready to be an aid for future generations. There are so many success stories of students on how they built their resumes and career with the help of social media and as students, we should look up to such stories. Twitter platforms where connections easily happen, news are shared and educational content is exchanged back and forth, you can pair it up with other productive apps like Padlet as well! 

Learning Apps, Games, And Websites 

Youtube and Twitter are not the only apps and spaces where we could engage in thought-provoking education that go beyond the walls of the classroom. Students can indulge in education and motivation with the help of productivity apps that help them study, motivate them, schedule their tasks, and keeps them organized. The internet is also filled with thousands of virtual spaces where students could go spend their time studying with millions of others around the world. There are also free ebook libraries that help us feed the bookworm in all of us! 

Your mobile gadget is the best resource for education and paired it up with unlimited Unifi internet is going to open us to a plethora of opportunities! 

Tips For Selecting The Best Internet Provider For Yourself

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TM Unifi Provider

Having a productive internet provider with desirable speed and coverage is every individual’s dream come true. To binge-watching, your favorite series with no interruption from the buffering screen or submitting your assignments on time is a digital paradise one wishes to live through the days of working at home. The best internet provider can give you worry-free results that can give a consistent performance for your tasks at work or holding meetings without any pauses and lags to fix. Surely, you do not want to miss out on these award-winning internet providers, for example, the most well-known high-speed TM UniFi.

As a smart consumer, what you should look for in an efficient, smoothly operated internet provider are stated below:

Customer Support

customer support TM

Your internet service provider should be responsive and helpful in repairing the holes and jams until it is as good as new for running your fixed wireless internet. If any issues arise with your current broadband, you need prompt aid to resolve the problem in a short amount of time so that you can move on with the work at hand. Do a lot of research if the internet provider that you have eyes on has what it takes should there be any future setbacks, be it minor or major, to convince yourself about its effectiveness in their customer services. For example, if you are looking at TM Unifi you should definitely check out this page for more details and see what would suit your needs.


Best internet provider

Everyone needs to consider their budget for both wants and needs in life, especially Malaysia, which holds the reputation of being one of the most overpriced countries in the world for internet access. You could get the greatest internet provider with reasonable costs and greater features for a steal if you have a sharp eye and a keen mind. All you need to do is to study every package of what certain brands like UniFi broadband plan can do to provide the best internet access at home. 


high speed with TM Unifi

Working from home may seem easy with online meetings to initiate anytime, but it becomes a tedious task when the internet begins to act up at inconvenient times or during a very important discussion. A good internet speed is one that is at or above 25 Mbps and can accommodate online activities such as HD streaming, online gaming, web surfing, web conferences, and downloading. Above 100 Mbps is also ideal if you have a clever internet plan that allows you to support several devices and users at the same time. Internet speed is as crucial as the price to pay for the internet provider, hence it will be a lot easier to accommodate you and your daily online tasks.


Talking about speed, it will be incomplete without proper tools and equipment to have extraordinary internet results. Getting a cable and fiber-optic internet is your best choice for that ideal rapidness. During peak usage periods, the latter can provide speed consistency that is functional and accessible. If you are looking for the best one in Malaysia, give TM UniFi fibre plan or Maxis Malaysia a chance to serve you the uploads. The brand supports symmetrical speed which implies that your uploads will be as quick as your downloads. For jobs like yours, it is extremely useful for upload-intensive jobs.

Network Coverage

network coverage

Now how about contacting your colleagues outside of online meetings? If you need to make urgent calls via phone, you definitely need strong network coverage to reach out to them. To place a call to your team department, your phone must be inside the service provider’s network coverage region. There are three varieties: 3G, 4G, and 5G. The finest network coverage is determined by the broadband provider you choose, say UniFi for an answer! A good characteristic on the broadband you choose can help you a lot in receiving information at a quicker rate and also, get the job done while at the comfort of your home.

For the simplest answer to the search for the most functional internet provider ever existed in Malaysia, UniFi is an option you would go for! Comes with the fastest internet to date, TM Unifi is available for both residential and commercial use, provides extensive internet coverage with speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 800 Mbps. It does not stop there – UniFi is quite a generous brand. For every cent you spend, it does not leave you empty-handed. Tons of rewards await you if you choose this service.

How The Internet Has Brought Us Where We Are

maxis malaysia

Almost every single one of us uses the internet on a daily basis now as there are many internet providers such as Maxis Malaysia. The internet has brought us so far. It is not just to a point of making everyday tasks easier. It goes beyond that and has helped us more than you can even imagine. A little backstory, the internet’s official birth year is in 1983. The Internet has transformed since then. It was a static network meant to convey a limited amount of bytes or a brief text between two terminals in its early days, which is still relatively recent from a historical perspective; it was a repository of information where the content was generated and maintained only by skilled coders. Basically, all you could do was probably email each other or use search engines. 

internet globe

Nowadays, enormous amounts of data are published and downloaded through this electronic mechanism, and the content is mostly our own, as we are all commentators, publishers, and creators. People all over the world are constantly streaming videos, download files and sending or receiving a lot of data too. This just shows how long the internet has come to be what it is today. Now, we can even surf the net on our smartphones with internet providers like Maxis Malaysia. However, have you ever wondered what it was like before the existence of the internet, though? Well, let’s take a look:

Life Before The Internet 

First of all, to all you music lovers, they obviously didn’t have apps like Spotify or things like MP3 back then. If you discovered a song that you liked, you would have to tape it manually through the radio. The same goes for TV shows, you would have to tape it through the TV. Tapes aren’t like CDs because you can’t put in multiple songs or shows. If you’ve taped on it and you want to tape something else on the same tape, the previous recording will be gone. I wouldn’t say that it’s hard to be living that life but it might get a little annoying for someone in the 21st century to be living like that.

old phone

Other than taping music or shows, there were also limited games that we could play on the mobile phones we had back then. These mobile phones under the brand Nokia or Samsung have been around for years, keeping us entertained with classic games like “Snake” or “Tetris”. Speaking of phones, people didn’t have dating apps either or social media so the only way to meet new people was to simply go out and maybe go to a park. To me, that’s one of the things that should be brought back instead of us staring at screens, communicating digitally instead of face to face. Nonetheless, the internet has helped us a lot, and here’s how:

Life With The Internet

The internet has been evolving over the years we’ve used it. From being able to just e-mail people to where we are able to video call and download apps and whatnot. Now, we have trustworthy search engines like Google and we have social media platforms like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, and more. These social media apps, although not face-to-face, have connected people more than ever before. Alongside that, you wouldn’t need to go through the trouble of taping songs or shows on the television anymore. Instead, there are apps like Spotify that have an endless choice of songs that you like as well as Netflix where you can stream your favorite movies or TV shows with no hassle. You would simply need a trusted internet provider like Maxis Malaysia. 

user connectivity

Other than how the internet has helped us connect and made everyday life easier, it has also opened up a whole new world of job opportunities. With the existence of the internet, people who are skilled at maintaining it, or anything involving the internet, are in high demand. For instance, we need internet installers working in internet provider companies, every sector needs an IT specialist and even seeking jobs are made easier with the internet. 

Everyday duties like paying bills or buying groceries can be done online now. This further proves that the internet has helped grow and evolve along with it. Even though there are still pros and cons to having the internet, the good outweighs the bad.