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Using Unifi Internet To Improve Our Academic Life

unifi and students

There is no way to have a successful academic life without proper access to a good cell phone plan and the internet. Having access to the internet is to have access to quality education that will solidify our visions for the future. It will improve the quality of education by opening more than one to two different doorways to educational resources and academic opportunities. This is not only a concern for students who are looking to improve the overall academic results but also for the teachers. Both teachers and students need access to a good internet plan that will cover their educational wealth and knowledge beyond the four walls of the classroom. Given the wakening of the covid 19 pandemics, there no longer are four-walled classrooms either. It is only the safety and connection of the internet that makes us a virtual walk-in for our education.


Speaking of good internet plans, what does a good internet plan for students consists of? They should have unlimited data, affordable monthly or yearly charges, the ability to support a number of devices, and wider coverage options. 

This is where the Unifi internet has stepped up and become a key resource for millions of students in Malaysia. Unifi internet has one of the most affordable data plans available to Malaysians.TM Unifi coverage also holds the most competency and variety among all internet providers. Their affordability and wide coverage in normal prepaid and postpaid internet plans did not stop them from creating even better and quality options for students. In 2020, amidst the beginning of the pandemic, TM rolled out their Unifi broadband package that is tailored to the needs of the students, priced at RM 59. The post-paid plan requires no upfront payment, no billable charges, and bill shocks, unlimited data and SMS, nationwide coverage, and more importantly, they have it delivered to you! 

Internet used to be a luxury for those residing outside of the hectic city life and at best, fast internet is always a privilege. However, Unifi internet has made its goal to recognize the internet as a human right that should be available for everyone in the country. This is not only crucial to support the lifelong journey of learning and education but also to gap the gender inequality in educational pursuits. 

So how can students productively and effectively make the best out of Unifi internet to improve their own educational journey? The internet opens up so many opportunities, educational, resources, and skill cultivation. Let’s take a look at how students can improve their educational outcomes with the digital world! 

Taking Advantage Of Free Online Courses 

study with Unifi Internet


Perhaps one of the best things about modern-day internet capabilities is our unlimited access to educational websites and online courses. Today there are over millions of courses available for us and a handful of them are free or discounted for students. Student perks are endless on the internet and this is not limited to the resources available through online classes. If you are looking to improve your digital skills and literacy using the unlimited data capacities of the Unifi internet, consider taking on free google online courses from the google digital garage. They have classes on digital marketing, advertisements, and even customer service. 

Podcasts And TedTalks

podcasts for students

Podcasts are available on multiple platforms such as Spotify, Apple Itunes, SoundCloud, and even online websites. However, without proper internet, it may be difficult to access podcasts that are a valuable partner to our studies. With unifi, it is possible to access educational content and deepen our knowledge and skills with the help of podcasts. Notable speakers spend their time having honest conversations while multiple experts provide you extensive research and information in lengthy episodes. The same goes for educational documentaries and TedTalks. These are all inspirational educational sources that help us beyond the virtual classrooms as well as physical classrooms. Many who lack a mentor in their life can look up to notable TedTalk speakers and other podcasters who dedicate their lives to providing an enthusiastic educational journey. 

Having the added benefit of unlimited internet and a good smartphone device is that we can use the power of the pair to even learn a new language. Being bilingual and trilingual is considered a desirable trait on our resumes and it is sought out by many who give out scholarship opportunities for higher education. If you want to freshen up on your French skills or Mandarin skills, now is the perfect time to use the unifi internet to watch documentaries in other languages, listen to podcasters from different countries, and connect with them possibly, on social media. 

Social Media For Education 


Speaking of social media, who said it was only for entertainment purposes? In today’s world of education, it is impossible to do without the power of social media. Students can use platforms such as Twitter and Instagram to spark conversation, engage in insightful wondering, following educators, scientists, mentors, businesswomen, and men. Social media has also made it possible for us to connect with notable speakers and mentors who are ready to be an aid for future generations. There are so many success stories of students on how they built their resumes and career with the help of social media and as students, we should look up to such stories. Twitter platforms where connections easily happen, news are shared and educational content is exchanged back and forth, you can pair it up with other productive apps like Padlet as well! 

Learning Apps, Games, And Websites 

Youtube and Twitter are not the only apps and spaces where we could engage in thought-provoking education that go beyond the walls of the classroom. Students can indulge in education and motivation with the help of productivity apps that help them study, motivate them, schedule their tasks, and keeps them organized. The internet is also filled with thousands of virtual spaces where students could go spend their time studying with millions of others around the world. There are also free ebook libraries that help us feed the bookworm in all of us! 

Your mobile gadget is the best resource for education and paired it up with unlimited Unifi internet is going to open us to a plethora of opportunities!