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Tips For Selecting The Best Internet Provider For Yourself

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TM Unifi Provider

Having a productive internet provider with desirable speed and coverage is every individual’s dream come true. To binge-watching, your favorite series with no interruption from the buffering screen or submitting your assignments on time is a digital paradise one wishes to live through the days of working at home. The best internet provider can give you worry-free results that can give a consistent performance for your tasks at work or holding meetings without any pauses and lags to fix. Surely, you do not want to miss out on these award-winning internet providers, for example, the most well-known high-speed TM UniFi.

As a smart consumer, what you should look for in an efficient, smoothly operated internet provider are stated below:

Customer Support

customer support TM

Your internet service provider should be responsive and helpful in repairing the holes and jams until it is as good as new for running your fixed wireless internet. If any issues arise with your current broadband, you need prompt aid to resolve the problem in a short amount of time so that you can move on with the work at hand. Do a lot of research if the internet provider that you have eyes on has what it takes should there be any future setbacks, be it minor or major, to convince yourself about its effectiveness in their customer services. For example, if you are looking at TM Unifi you should definitely check out this page for more details and see what would suit your needs.


Best internet provider

Everyone needs to consider their budget for both wants and needs in life, especially Malaysia, which holds the reputation of being one of the most overpriced countries in the world for internet access. You could get the greatest internet provider with reasonable costs and greater features for a steal if you have a sharp eye and a keen mind. All you need to do is to study every package of what certain brands like UniFi broadband plan can do to provide the best internet access at home. 


high speed with TM Unifi

Working from home may seem easy with online meetings to initiate anytime, but it becomes a tedious task when the internet begins to act up at inconvenient times or during a very important discussion. A good internet speed is one that is at or above 25 Mbps and can accommodate online activities such as HD streaming, online gaming, web surfing, web conferences, and downloading. Above 100 Mbps is also ideal if you have a clever internet plan that allows you to support several devices and users at the same time. Internet speed is as crucial as the price to pay for the internet provider, hence it will be a lot easier to accommodate you and your daily online tasks.


Talking about speed, it will be incomplete without proper tools and equipment to have extraordinary internet results. Getting a cable and fiber-optic internet is your best choice for that ideal rapidness. During peak usage periods, the latter can provide speed consistency that is functional and accessible. If you are looking for the best one in Malaysia, give TM UniFi fibre plan or Maxis Malaysia a chance to serve you the uploads. The brand supports symmetrical speed which implies that your uploads will be as quick as your downloads. For jobs like yours, it is extremely useful for upload-intensive jobs.

Network Coverage

network coverage

Now how about contacting your colleagues outside of online meetings? If you need to make urgent calls via phone, you definitely need strong network coverage to reach out to them. To place a call to your team department, your phone must be inside the service provider’s network coverage region. There are three varieties: 3G, 4G, and 5G. The finest network coverage is determined by the broadband provider you choose, say UniFi for an answer! A good characteristic on the broadband you choose can help you a lot in receiving information at a quicker rate and also, get the job done while at the comfort of your home.

For the simplest answer to the search for the most functional internet provider ever existed in Malaysia, UniFi is an option you would go for! Comes with the fastest internet to date, TM Unifi is available for both residential and commercial use, provides extensive internet coverage with speeds ranging from 30 Mbps to 800 Mbps. It does not stop there – UniFi is quite a generous brand. For every cent you spend, it does not leave you empty-handed. Tons of rewards await you if you choose this service.

Maxis Fibre Malaysia Is The Best Solution For You

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Maxis Fibre

There are many broadband services available in Malaysia. Some have better coverage than others, while some are cheaper than the rest. Since the pandemic has hit us, even those of us who have had no broadband plans subscribed for their home were rushing to subscribe to it. The internet subscription can be both a permanent or a temporary commitment. But before subscribing to it, we have to do proper research on which internet service provider has good coverage at an affordable price because we will be using it for an indefinite period. There are a few reasons why Maxis broadband plans are better than others but as of now, we will focus on the three main ones. The three main reasons why is Maxis Fibre better are: 


Why Pick Maxis

Maxis Fibre offers up to 800Mbps speed for new customers in Malaysia. It can be said that Maxis has more than enough bandwidth which enables the maximum amount of data transfer for their customers. For some of us that are working from home and parents having children that have to attend online classes, having good internet coverage is important. That is why we should subscribe to Maxis Fibre Plan. It helps us to do our work better with no issues such as lagging during video conferences and bad connectivity during work submission.   


Cheap Maxis Fibre Deals

Maxis’s price range is at an affordable range for many customers. Maxis fibre plan charges vary depending on their bandwidth where the lowest is 300Mbps while the highest is 800Mbps. The price offered for Maxis Broadband plans is affordable for both home and office usage. Although Maxis is the second biggest internet service provider in Malaysia, it has the best coverage that is indisputable with them being priced lower than the biggest internet service provider. It is undeniable that Maxis has a wider coverage range for its internet service unlike other providers, which makes it a worthy subscription plan for their given price.  

Combined Plans

Maxis Fibre

Existing Maxis customers as well as new Maxis customers who would like to combine their mobile plan with their home internet can always opt to do that with Maxis. Maxis offers a fantastic solution for these customers by offering an affordable plan package that helps them to manage their finances better by charging both the services under one plan. Maxis Fibre plan with voice line is a very good option for businesses that are looking for a good internet subscription and a voice line for work. This plan comes with a voice line that is suitable for both the customer service department and managerial departments. In addition to that, subscribing to both the voice line and the internet from the same service provider manages the billing and payment processing better.

Besides, if there were any issues to arise, it is easier for the management team to contact the service provider since both the services were subscribed to the same provider. Not only that, those who have elderly people living with them, can also opt for this plan because it will be easier for the elders to contact you in case of emergency. Not only is Maxis Home Fibre coverage good, but it is also very efficient, especially during the lockdown and quarantine period in this pandemic season. 

Final Words

In conclusion, Maxis broadband is better in terms of its price, speed and plans. Their coverage is also good since they provide a wider range of internet coverage throughout Malaysia. This is beneficial to both urban and suburban populations. With their future plans to provide internet coverage to rural areas too, eventually, even the people in the rural part of Malaysia can benefit from good internet service for not only their work but also for their education and healthcare system. This is because communication will be easier with better internet coverage at an affordable price range. We hope this article has shed some light on helping you make a decision regarding your internet broadband.