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Six Shows To BInge-Watch With Unifi Package Malaysia

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It is a long weekend ahead. You’ve been working hard and you are ready to sit down and relax for the first time all week. You just purchased your Unifi internet package, so you are ready to put it to good use with a great show selection. But, the worst part about watching a show is selecting one, to begin with. There are so many options available and several others coming out soon that you don’t think you can ever make the decision! 

We all love a zesty chick flick, or a fiery cop show that saves the innocent just in the nick of time, but sometimes we like to play detective alongside the main character, sewing clues together and pointing figures to draw a conclusion on who is in the wrong. If you are a fan of mystery and detective shows you have come to the right place. To help ease you into your watching routine here are six of our favourite binge-worthy shows that are so interesting they may keep you on the streaming service of your choice with Unifi Malaysia. 

1.     Brookylnn Nine-Nine 

Brooklyn 99

One of the best whodunnit series of our time, Brooklynn Nine-Nine is a must-watch that will keep you wanting more! A combination of humor and action resulted in the much-beloved Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It is a cop show infused with the best comedic antics and dialogue to make you laugh until your sides ache. It is fast-paced, yet easy to follow without too much trouble, but it is still a great option for mystery-lovers who enjoy light viewing.

2.     Suits

Lawyer TV series

This is not your typical detective show, but we have included it because Suits is an addictive program with a catchy theme song and a lot of sleuth work. The content will keep you glued to your screen all day. The legal show is great for light and serious watching because it is a drama imbued with funny dialogue and lovable characters. It may not be the go-to detective show, but it is an awesome watch for those who love the race to bring the criminal before the law before time runs out. If you love to mix your legal work with your mystery work, join Harvey Specter and Mike Ross in their race to deliver justice to the wronged, court-style.

3.     How To Get Away With Murder

Unifi Mystery

For those who are drawn to darker-themed broadcasting, try the award-winning and brilliantly cast How To Get Away With Murder. It is an action-packed, mystery-infused drama for anyone with an intense love for mystery-solving and sleuthing. The perfect combination of action and drama makes this a show of a lifetime and the Unifi internet package makes sure you don’t miss a single episode.  

4.     The Haunting of Bly Manor

Unifi Horror

The Haunting of Bly Manor is part of the series called The Haunting. If you know its previous season, The Haunting of Hill House, you will love this one. It is a series for the horror enthusiasts who like a little scare factor in their shows. With a commendable cast and the most realistic special effects, TM package Unifi ensures it feels like you’ve sucked into the show itself to give you the thrill of a lifetime. 

5.     Sherlock


Sherlock has been reworked several times with some versions starring Robert Downey Jr. and Henry Cavill. This one, however, is the highly acclaimed series with Benedict Cumberbutch. Sherlock Holmes is a genius who solves the most inexplicable crimes with his side-kick doctor, Watson. This brainy detective show boasts three seasons of racy intellectual search-and-finds to bring perpetrators to justice and this makes it perfect for weekend-long watching. 

6.     Behind Her Eyes

Unifi TV shows

Bringing back the supernatural, Behind Her Eyes is a recent English production heavy-laden with mystery and sleuthing. It is a multidimensional love story with a mystical Join the cast in the strange happenings that influence love and family in the most bizarre ways. 

Mystery shows with a brilliantly executed detective will never grow out of style. They remain a great watch for those who love light-hearted mystery or the deep-thinkers who watch with the main cast itself. There is no better way to spend your weekend than trying to solve clues alongside your favourite actors and actresses. Unifi Malaysia aims to help you get the most entertainment out of your weekend by giving you the best quality and internet speed to enjoy your shows uninterrupted.

UniFi Should Be Your First Choice Internet Provider

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Everyone deserves a good internet, even way back before the COVID-19 pandemic begins to plague the entire globe. Online classes, web conferences, or streamings to attend requires high-speed broadband that allows you to gain access to these platforms with ease and with no interruptions whatsoever. It is important to submit your assignments on time, or presenting to your colleagues new business plans, and also, watching your favorite streamer on Twitch during break time to support them in the midst of staying at home. As much as this feels like a dream to acquire a really effective, functional internet plan, that does not mean it should stay in the realm of dreaming forever.

unifi malaysia

And that is why UnIFi is here to help you with everything related to providing the best internet service there ever is in Malaysia! Also known as one of the most impressive broadband packages used by their clients with many positive reviews from them, there is no doubt that UniFi has been serving their customers well with its speed, customer support, the affordable price which can be a steal for internet this excellent! 

Here are the reasons UniFi should be your first choice internet provider: 

The Fastest Internet Provider 

UniFi provides a wide range of speeds they can offer through their packages, ranging from 30Mbps to 800Mbps. If you are familiar with its predecessor, Streamyx, you would know that UniFi has its speed and reliability greatly outstripped them. This is due to the fact that it is Malaysia’s first Internet provider to use fiber-optic broadband infrastructure, allowing for high-speed Internet and extensive network coverage across the country. Hence, the highly-acclaimed UniFi fibre plan many Malaysians are using today.

Wide Network Coverage

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UniFi Internet covers a vast network area across Malaysia. Living up to its name as a national telecommunications service provider, it has the advantage of both the workforce and the infrastructure required to provide nationwide broadband coverage. There are three types of product range they cover, that is residential broadband, mobile broadband as well as IPTV service.

Residential Broadband

After transitioning from copper wire to fibre, TM UniFi has been offering through its widely marketed Unifi programs. Now, TM provides residential consumers options ranging from 30Mbps to 300Mbps for costs ranging from RM79 to RM199 per month. Actual speeds vary based on location, but many consumers who chose and used UniFi for years to count were able to achieve full advertised speeds at all times, excluding line disruptions.

Mobile Broadband

This may be hailed as one of the customer’s favorites. It is a contract-free prepaid service that provides clients with the same services as most mobile telecoms such as Maxis. The most significant benefit of using Unifi for mobile is that your account credit does not expire, all the more reason to choose UniFi as your top internet provider!

IPTV Services

UniFi offers an integrated IPTV service, namely UniFi TV, which provides a variety of free channels through their set-top boxes, as well as providing additional on-demand programs, similar to pay-per-view TV. This service has also undergone its own development from set-up models to streaming IDs for convenient use, especially when you utilize your phone more than any other devices.

Today, TM UniFi stood strong as the largest broadband coverage in the country. 

Affordable Price

For a rapid internet speed, UniFi offers a reasonable amount of price for fees and charges. The well-known internet provider supports free installation, RM800 in equipment, and no down payment, which makes it highly enticing to most consumers. 

Lots Of Rewards To Claim

rewards to get

UniFi is a generous type of internet provider that has existed in Malaysia when it comes to showing gratitude for their clients who have been supporting them. With every penny spent for their internet services, many rewards await to be claimed by them which gives a lot more benefits than other internet providers out there. 

Equipments Are Provided


TM and authorized dealers provide two crucial pieces of equipment for free with each sign-up, including a BTU unit (essential for the fibre connection) and a wireless router. Despite its easy implementation, the wireless modem eliminates the need for additional costs when setting up wireless broadband for the entire household or workplace.