Time Fibre Broadband, The Family’s Choice

Time Fibre Broadband, The Family’s Choice

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Time Fibre Broadband is the family’s choice. This is because of its better internet coverage that not only benefits working adults but also students too. Time Fibre Broadband has become customer’s first choice especially since lockdowns were imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused many to complete their work or education from home. However, there are still some people that do not understand the advantages of subscribing to Time Fibre Broadband plans. This is due to the lack of knowledge on it since it only offers internet services to those living at high-rise buildings despite the fact that Time service providers have been existing in Malaysia for over 20 years. To make it understandable for you, we have stated  4 reasons on why Time Fibre Broadband is the family’s choice and why you should subscribe to Time Broadband Malaysia.  


Time is known for its reliable and efficient speed. Users can enjoy a lag-free high-speed internet through Time 500Mbps. For example, a family of 4 will have no trouble completing their work or watching their favourite shows at the same time with Time fibre broadband. This is because of the 100% usage of fibre optic in Time installation, which allows the internet coverage to be more efficient, unlike other broadband services. If you would like to enjoy your favourite Netflix shows without buffering while your mom is on a video conference meeting, Time Fibre Broadband is your choice. During the lockdown period, a lot of Malaysians ran into internet problems because more people were at home that was using the internet at the same time, which had caused lagging issues. To avoid an issue like this arising again, subscribing to Time Fibre Broadband is the best plan. This is because, with its higher speed of the internet, it would not cause any issues for people at home even though they were using it at the same time. This is because of the way the Time internet is installed at home where the contractor would set up the connection to a space that allows maximum coverage of the internet. 


Price Time Malaysia

For a cheaper price, Time customers can enjoy 2x faster speed of internet at home. This makes Time Fibre Broadband the first choice for many existing and new Time customers. This is because, for a low price, they can enjoy up to 500Mbps of the internet with no issues. This is a very good broadband option for parents working from home and students going for online classes from home because you can get better coverage of the internet for an affordable price.

Voice Line Plan

Time Malaysia

If you are looking for a voice line plan that can easily be billed together with your internet plan, you can always subscribe to Time Home Fibre Malaysia Broadband plans. They have the option that allows you to get a voice line too that you can fix at home in case you have an elderly person or children with no personal mobile phones that you have to leave at home alone while you are working. This plan helps you to keep track of their safety and health because you can contact them at home or they can use the voice line to contact you in case of any emergency that requires your attention.

Easy To Use Website


In case you were to change either your existing internet plan or voice line, you can go to Time’s self-care website to make these changes easily. Instructions will be provided on the website if you would like to configure your voice line. If you would like to upgrade to a better plan, you do not need to contact Time’s customer service for it, you can do it on the website which is less time consuming since the system is more systematic and easy to navigate. 

These are the 4 reasons why Time Fibre Broadband is the family’s choice. As of now, Time internet is only installed at high-rise buildings because of approval issues. But in the due course, they have plans to expand their services to landed properties too. This will enable those that are living in landed property to enjoy the benefits of good internet coverage by Time Fibre Broadband too which makes it easy for their work and education.

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