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Different internet plans are tailored for different needs. There are so many choices of packages and deals to choose from. With Jom Apply, we will be your guidance and help you choose the best internet package to get your money’s worth.

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We've got speeds for every need - up to 500Mbps, the fastest in Malaysia.

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Our wholly-owned 100% fibre network ensures you're consistently connected.

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Freedom to choose the plan that suits you the most from as low as RM99/month.

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Enjoy a seamless experience on multiple devices everywhere with whole home wireless coverage.

With three authorised resellers of the best Internet services – Unifi, Maxis and Time, simply choose and receive many surprising benefits on your part! Apply fast and upgrade your slow Internet connection to be super fast and reliable. Don’t think twice, just have a look at the benefits you get.

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Time Fibre Broadband, The Family’s Choice

Time Fibre Broadband is the family’s choice. This is because of its better internet coverage that not only benefits working adults but also students too. Time Fibre Broadband has become customer’s first choice especially since lockdowns were imposed because of the COVID-19 pandemic which has caused many to complete their work or education from home.

Using Unifi Internet To Improve Our Academic Life

This is where Unifi internet has stepped up and become a key resource for millions of students in Malaysia. Unifi internet has one of the most affordable data plans available to Malaysians.TM Unifi coverage also holds the most competency and variety among all internet providers. Their affordability and wide coverage in normal prepaid and postpaid internet plans did not stop them from creating even better and quality options for students.

Six Shows To BInge-Watch With Unifi Package Malaysia

We all love a zesty chick flick, or a fiery cop show that saves the innocent just in the nick of time, but sometimes we like to play detective alongside the main character, sewing clues together and pointing figures to draw a conclusion on who is in the wrong. If you are a fan of mystery and detective shows you have come to the right place.

JOM Apply: The Best Internet Service Provider In Malaysia

It is understandable that you would want Internet services with fast speed at the best value. Especially during this MCO where our movement is limited and we spent most of our time at home. You will need seamless connectivity to work from home, for your online classes and for your entertainment.

JOM Apply offers you to choose Internet plans that suit you from three big companies – Time Fibre Malaysia, Unifi Malaysia and Maxis Malaysia. With interesting plans and deals, it is up to you to decide which of them to upgrade to.

How to Choose The Best Internet Provider In Malaysia?

All three are internet providers. But do you know the difference between the three? Each of these broadband plans has unique offerings for each member. All of the broadband plans have their own unique list of pros and cons, so it can be tricky to choose the best plan for you. But do you understand the difference between different types of internet providers?

When you sign up for fibre Internet connectivity, you are guaranteed to enjoy high-speed internet.  Several people can use the internet without feeling the pressure or the strain of more than two people streaming or downloading. Fibre connectivity is incredibly efficient since it uses fibre cable to transmit data at high speed and to great lengths and distances. So don’t worry about slow wifi with your huge family! Fibre cable optimizes the speed of data and literally transmits at light speed. You can count on a more reliable and effective connection with a fibre broadband plan.

A lot of areas still use ADSL broadband plans. ADSL is one of the oldest forms of internet broadband and is most commonly used all over the world. However, they are also the slowest and the cheapest among all of the providers. They are connected directly to your home with the standard wire that connects your phone line.  When choosing your ADSL plan, be sure to consider the data limit, length of coverage.

Wireless broadband is also another high-speed internet provider that depends on the WLAN, wireless local area network or the WWAN, wide area network. They are easy to use, portable and incredibly accessible. However, the price point is a lot higher compared to other broadband plans. On the other hand, for their price, they tend to provide incredibly fast internet, mobility for those who are always on the go and lowered maintenance costs!

How Much Internet Speed Do You Need?

By the general standard, it is considered that 25mps is fast for downloads while 3 Mbps is fast enough for uploads. This is enough internet speed to complete your tasks but with today’s technological advances our standards are a lot higher than it used to be. Depending on our needs and use, the internet speed differs.

Office spaces may need an internet speed of 1000 Mbps. But if you are looking for an internet plan for your home where you tweet, like, share, listen to music, binge on Netflix all by yourself then you may need an internet speed of 50-60mbps. However, if we are living in a bigger household with technological gadgets that require high-speed internet, 50mbps simply won’t be enough. You may need to go up to 100 Mbps or even 1 gigabit per second (Gbps).

How Much Data Do You Need Every Month?

1GB of data allows you to stream one or two of your favorite rom coms or sci-fi movies while it also allows for 40-50 minutes of browsing. So what are your priorities? Do you browse a lot through social media? Do you love watching movies? And are you heavily reliant or only lightly reliant for your entertainment and work on your phone? Identifying your needs and your plans for data will help you figure out how much data you need on a daily basis.

2-10 GB might be enough for users who rely on their data for emails, light social media browse, and a few hours of listening to music. 10GB or more is essential for those with moderate usage of data-sucking tools like Facebook, Netflix and Instagram. Are your data usage habits a bit more on the extreme? Do you use it for heavier work and entertainment? If so, you may need a data plan of 100 to 200 GB every month!

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